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Good day Braam,

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to your professional staff at Kilokor.

I am really impressed with the way my query was handled and everyone I dealt
with, has definitely had proper customer service training.

A few months ago, I applied for a car and Maxie told me that I need to have a
credit record. I followed her advice to open an account and was not really
worried about buying a car. Last week she called me (Yes, she kept my details
and followed up)and we applied. The following day the car was ready for
collection - I WAS OVER THE MOON - THANKS MAXIE!!!!!!!

I was not aware that Kilokor has a workshop and Maxie told me to contact
Jessica - which I did.

Jessica booked a time for me to get my cambelt sorted (of my car, not the new
car that Maxie sold me). I received excellent service. Almost immediately,
Christo called me back and explained to me what he will be doing. I took my car
yesterday (01-08-2016) at about 09H30 and by 2pm Christo called me and said my
car is queueing to be washed - AWESOME, EFFICIENT SERVICE!

When I got to Kilokor, I did not mind waiting for my car. I went to sit by
Daleen as I had some questions regarding the life insurance. While I was
sitting by Daleen, the tracking guys called me to install tracker on both
vehicles (Daleen handled this and asked them to contact me - IMPRESSIVE).
Daleen heard my conversation with tracker as they asked me to take both
vehicles to their shop to get tracker installed. After my conversation, Daleen
emailed them and said that they should come install tracker at my house -

Immediately tracker called me back (while I was sitting by Daleen) and
apologized and said that they will send their technician out on Thursday to do
the installation.

Braam, your staff has been nothing but super helpful and they all guided me and
helped me. I feel like I know everyone at Kilokor and I will definitely
recommend the service to my friends and family! THANK YOU KILOKOR!!!!!!!


Yulene Munien